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Have any questions or concerns ? We’re always ready to help! Call us at 407-432-6911 or send us an email at

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How do I track my order?
 We will provide you with your tracking number if requested. 



What are your delivery options?


We have 3 delivery options. If the product is in stock and you live in our area -you can pick-up for free.  If you are getting a Jersey or Kit we charge a flat rate to cover the USPS rate. If you are an international client it is a different charge.




How do I return an item?
We support you every step of the way. If there is an issue, our customer service staff are ready to help you with email or a phone call. We are family-owned and value your business! Just call us at 407-432-6911.

Do you provide International delivery?

We do provide International Delivery.


What is your returns policy?

An unworn product can be returned for full money back unless it is a custom order. Custom orders cannot be returned. However, we will strive to make all issues right. Just call 407-432-6911
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